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Get Help Without The Hassle – We match you with a trusted, top quality professional for your home improvement needs and take away the hassle of having to deal with multiple sales calls. Once we match you with a contractor, we ensure the project meets your standards and is completed in a timely fashion through our unique quality assurance process. Your project will be timely and high quality. Why choose Contractor Connection:

·         Professionals You Can Trust: Our network of contractors go through a rigorous credentialing process that ensures you have access to professionals that are financially stable, licensed and insured. All contractors in our network have completed criminal background checks on their employees who will be on work sites.

·         Quality Assurance: We strictly manage and monitor our contractors for work quality, timeliness and fair estimates. Our five-point quality assurance program ensures you are getting a fair and reasonable estimate.

·         First-Rate Warranty: Contractor Connection is a leader when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our expert network contractors back their projects with a three-year workmanship warranty.

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