Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


Q – Do I have to download an “App” to use inspectcheck?


A – No. inspectcheck is available directly from our website;


Q – Do I need special system requirements to use inspectcheck?


A- No. inspectcheck works on ALL computers, tablets, net books, and smart phones that  can receive an internet connection. It will work on all browsers; however our preferred internet browser is Google Chrome, which can be downloaded at


Q – What happens if I lose the internet connection while completing a home inspection report?


A – No problem. You can continue to complete the inspection report and all your data will be saved. Once you establish an internet connection, you can email and save the report to your “Virtual Office”.


Q – What is my “Virtual Office”?


A – inspectcheck will keep a file of all your clients information, all your property inspection information, your company information, and profile. All reports; completed, and in progress. Stock photos and additional follow up information is also easily accessed. Technical articles, just for home inspectors will be at your fingertips. You will never lose a report. All this information will be automatically saved in your account. You will be able to access all of this information from anywhere in the world.


Q- Where did inspectcheck come from, is this a new reporting system?


A – inspectcheck is the electronic reporting format from the Turn Key Home Inspection System. We have been supplying quality home inspection reports to professional home inspectors since 1999. The Turn Key Home Inspection Reporting System was developed by home inspectors for home inspectors. We are certified, licensed home inspectors with over 20 years of experience. Since 1999, our reports have been used on thousands of properties. We are not a company who jumped on the home inspection software “bandwagon”. We speak your language, we are home inspectors!


Q- What makes inspectcheck so unique?


A – inspectcheck has so many unique features, here are a few;


Q - Do I have to use a tablet or computer on the inspection site?

A - No. You can use our exclusive inspectnotes at the inspection site and input the information at your convenience using all the same great features. Inspectnotes can be downloaded from your personal dashboard.

Q – Can I add photos?

A - Yes! Quickly and easily. Use your own photos or clearly advise your client using our "Stock Photos". You can add circles, text, arrows, sticky notes and more to your photos. (See our tutorial for more information)

Q – How does inspectcheck help market my home inspection business?


A – First, and most importantly by providing your client with a superior home inspection report. We also provide a dedicated “Client Link” button on the home page of our web site for your clients. You can direct them to this link for a vast amount of reference material. This will assist them finding a contractor or making repairs themselves. Maintenance tips, and information regarding Carbon Monoxide, Lead paint, Radon, Home Safety Tips, and Web Sites of interest. Your client will refer to the report for as long as they own their house. On the home page of, clients will be able to find a home inspector by searching for one under the “Find a TurnKey Home Inspector” link. We will also ensure that the website search criteria is kept current so potential clients can find an inspector.      


Q – What are other ways inspectcheck helps my business?


A -  Inspectcheck provides a “Virtual Office” that you can access from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. Once you sign in to your account you will be able to access all of your clients (past and presence) information. You will have full access to your clients, inspection reports (completed and in progress), company information and any other information you have saved. You will have the ability to make changes and updates, anytime from anywhere. Under the “About us” link, click “News” for updates and technical articles that are relevant to home inspectors.  


Q – What about customer service?


A- We are always here to help you. We provide comprehensive customer service in three forms;

  1. On our web site – under the “Problem” or technical issues link. Here you will be able to view possible problems and solutions.
  2. Shortly after sign up, you will be sent a detailed training video. This video will show you step by step how to use our reporting system, virtual office, and all of our other features.
  3. You can call 800-338-7717, anytime. You will always get a person and a call back as soon as possible.


Q – How does inspectcheck protect my companies’ liability, but still provide a quality report for my clients?


A – By providing clear direction to your client. Period. Most home inspection disputes arise because of poor communication and vague reports. Inspectcheck provides the following;


·         Safeguards in place. If you fail to report on any area – inspectcheck will not allow you to go to the next reporting section until you mark the section as “complete”.

·         Each tab at the top of the report pages has a visible red number promptly displayed. The number descends as the report sections are filled out. The inspector, at a quick glance, will know how many sections are left to fill out.

·         Every condition noted on the report is automatically placed in one of three categories when the report is generated. The categories clearly advise your client, even if you forget to. The categories are;


1.      “Conditions noted in this column require routine maintenance   and or minor repair”

(Basically homeowner issues or inexpensive straightforward repairs)



2.      “Conditions noted in this column require some repair and or  

close monitoring”

         (Advising the client to repair the items in question so they remain

  serviceable. These repairs costs may be more substantial)


3.     “Conditions noted in this column require necessary repair /                  

        further evaluation by a qualified professional”

(Our “Action Column”. Items noted under this heading should

be repaired or further investigated As Soon As Possible)



Q – Is there a report summary page?

A - Yes! - we have a Super Summary Page. The inspector decides what goes on the summary page. Click HERE for a summary page tutorial

Q – How much does inspectcheck cost?


A - $69.99 per month, per inspector. inspectcheck does not have “membership levels”. You have access to ALL of inspectchecks features. NO initiation fees, NO update fees, NO additional costs for multiple inspection reports, NO email fee, NO storage fee. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT OF INSPECTIONS YOU CONDUCT. All affiliates have FULL access, NO hidden fees – EVER


Q – How does inspectcheck compare to other electronic reporting systems?

A – There is no comparison! – Compare for yourself…



      Feature Comparison


Other Electronic

Reporting Systems

Large initial fee

NO – Low monthly subscription


Clear direction given to client

YES – Never any guessing

NO – The client is left to interpret report

Multiple “Apps” needed

NO – inspectcheck works on all computer platforms

YES – Multiple apps needed for different machines

Up charges for “Premium Versions”

NO – Never any up charges

YES – additional charges for “better” versions

Website tries to “Up sell” your client with their services

NO -  We would never up sell your client

YES (As unprofessional as it is)

Extra charges for multiple computer usage



Extra charges for updates

NO – no charges for updates – EVER


Extra charges for “Cloud Services”

NO – It is included at no charge


To many links and re-directions when completing the report

NO – Easy clear report forms


“Old style” data entry

NO – True point and click or touch


Confusing symbols for your client to try and interpret

NO – reports are easy to interpret

YES – your client is left with a confusing “answer key”

Extra charges for emailing the report

NO – Never any Up-charges



 For a complete tutorial  go to the Log in Issues, Technical Support link near the bottom left of the home page





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