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Unable to access my account

-          Check your Wi-Fi or internet connection

-          Refresh page (On-Line mode only)

-          Log out and log back in (On-Line mode only)

-          We recommend using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari


I do not see all the changes I made in my report in On-Line mode

-          Be sure to click the “Save” button on the upper right corner of the report forms

-          Click “Save and Close” when you have completed the report (On-Line mode only)


I do not see all the changes I made in my report in Off-Line mode

-          Be sure to click the “Save” button on the upper right hand corner of the report forms

-          Never click the “Save and Close” button in Off-Line mode

-          After completing a report in Off-Line mode, be sure to re-connect to the internet and then click either “Save” or “Save and Close”. Your report cannot be saved to our server and your account in Off-Line mode. You may have to refresh your browser (See Below: Session Timed Out / Refresh Your Browser)


I keep getting a message that says: “The report has been locked; do you want to over ride the lock”?

-          That message means that you may have left the report or your account open in another computer. You probably did not log out. Click “OK” or “Over ride”. If the message keeps appearing; save changes and log out. Then sign in again. You must be in On-Line mode to do this, or you may lose changes to the report. It is important to save changes to the report in On-Line mode when you have completed it. This will ensure that the report will be saved in your personal account.


I receive a message that “The report does not exist” and the only command I can see is “Close”

-          It is important that a report is only “open” and “running” in one browser at a time. If you receive a message that the report cannot be saved, or does not exist, there is a good chance that the report is open and running in another browser. You must close one of the reports before continuing to ensure your data will be saved.


I am unable to email the report

-          Ensure the email address is correct

-          Ensure you are in On-Line mode

-          Your client’s email may have placed the report in the “spam” folder. The email address is sent through inspectcheck and may not be recognized.


I am unable to download a PDF of the report on my computer

-          Ensure you have a PDF reader installed like Adobe Reader. You can also download a PDF reader “app” on most tablets and portable devices.


Can I finalize a report in off-line mode?

-          No, you must be in on-line mode to finalize the report. Our server populates and creates the PDF report.


Adding Text

-          We have added a pop-up reminder that you must select the condition before adding text to the text box below it. This will ensure that your text appears, because the “field” or “response” must first be selected in order to “pull” the text in.

Session Timed Out / Refresh Your Browser

-     Basically, when your device or internet connection “Times Out” it means that you may not be connected or fully connected to the server (inspectcheck.net in this case), but you may have an internet connection. Secure servers will “time you out” for security reasons. Inspectcheck is also a secure server. You may not receive a message that you are in fact timed out. Timing out can happen with a WIFI, Hot Spot, or direct cable connection. We have found these average “time out” times per device:


-          Windows / PC – Approximately 2 hours

-          Android – Approximately 3 hours

-          Apple – Approximately 3 hours


So what does this mean to you? Really nothing to be concerned about because as long as you are connected to the internet and inspectcheck is responding you will not lose any data. Remember to NEVER hit the “Back” button or exit without first saving your report. We have included some safeguards to ensure there is no data loss when you are “timed out”. If you try to “Save and Close” or “Finalize” while timed out, you will receive a message informing you “Save Failed, Please Try Again”


You may also receive errors while trying to add or edit photos, especially the stock photos (Adding photos from your device will probably work while timed out, however editing and viewing them will not). You may receive an error message when working with photos while “timed out”.


The “Spinning Icon” means that you are unable to connect to our server because:

1 – You do not have a good internet connection

2 – You have been “Timed out”

3-  The report you are working on is running on another browser



-          Ensure you have a solid internet connection and refresh your browser – NEVER    hit the “Back” button or “Exit” from the browser.

-          After refreshing your browser you will be prompted to enter your email and password which will take you to your personal dashboard. The report you are working on will be in the “In Progress” reports. Select the report and continue.


REMEMBER -  if you can’t save a report immediately, that’s fine, but don’t “close” it or hit the “back” button on a report until after you save it. After saved – it is safe to sign out and close your browser, especially if you are planning on opening the report in another device or browser. Remember to only have a report open on one browser and device at a time.

The photos that I inserted in the report are rotated

-          Some photo management software displays photos in the original orientation that they were taken. Photos taken with the Microsoft Surface should be taken holding the tablet with the “home” button at the bottom;

-     Photos taken with the Ipad should be taken with the “home” button” on the right  side

-     Photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy 3 should be taken with the volume rockers facing down, Galaxy 4 should be taken with the home button on the right side and camera on the left;


 You should test other devices in order to determine the proper orientation. You can always use your editing software after taking the photo to ensure the photo is in the proper orientation. Cropping the photo in the orientation desired will also ensure it will be inserted into the report correctly.


If the photo is rotated in the report, your client can right click on it and select “rotate clockwise”.


Using the draw  / editing pictures tool

-          Click on the “photo” button next to the camera icon

-          Click on the “Draw” button

-          Click on the “Pencil” icon to add circles or add text

-          Click on the “Eraser” icon to remove markings

-          Click on the “Save” icon to save changes – click “OK” when prompted

-          Internet explorer works fine with a mouse, however it is somewhat cumbersome with a stylus or finger. If this is an issue; use Chrome or Firefox (both work fine with a stylus or finger)

-          Android Default Browser – does not work well with the draw tool – we find that Chrome works best with the Android operating system. Firefox also works well with Android. We recommend using Chrome with inspectcheck when using an Android.

-          Apple / Mac Safari – works well with the draw tool – Chrome also works well with the Apple / Mac


A few more helpful hints

-          Ensure the report you are working on is only open in one browser at a time. Having the same report open in multiple browsers may cause data loss because our server (cloud) may be “confused” because it will be receiving information from multiple sources

-          If you are using inspectcheck in Off-Line mode, be sure to save it after an internet connection is established. There should not be a “Session Time Out” issue, because you are not connected to the internet. As soon as you establish an internet connection – click “Save”. You can always double check to ensure you are connected to our server by selecting our stock photos from the library. If you are able to view these photos; you are connected to the inspectcheck server.

-          Remember whether you are using inspectcheck on-line or off-line – you will not be able to “Save and Close” or “Finalize” if you are not connected to our server. This should eliminate the chance of any data loss. NEVER exit the browser or hit the “Back Button” in Off or On-line mode unless the report is successfully saved


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