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A business owner can’t put a price on Peace of Mind. Watch this brief video to see how inspectcheck can give you peace of mind.


As a business owner, you are juggling so many different things in addition to your business; family, paperwork, clients, etc. You should not have to worry that your home inspection reporting system is putting your business at risk for a lawsuit.


This Year – 1 in 3 Businesses Will be Sued !!


Ask Yourself……….


Is your home inspection report missing these essential features;


·        Clear direction for your client

Although you gave your client clear verbal advice at the inspection; they only have the report to reference after the home inspection. Most reports leave your client guessing on the proper action to take after the inspection. This is the difference between inspectcheck and other reporting systems.

     The inspectcheck difference properly advises your client on the correct action to take, even if you   don’t! The noted condition is automatically placed under one of 3 color coded headings:

-         Recommend Routine Maintenance / Minor Repair

-         Recommend Some Repair / Close Monitoring

-         Recommend Necessary Repair / Further Evaluation by a Qualified Professional


·        Detailed explanations on the items inspected

Many reports make boilerplate statements without giving your client detailed advice. Your client is left to interpret the report, which could lead to a costly misunderstanding. Looking at confusing symbols or checkboxes does not constitute a valid explanation!

      The inspectcheck difference

Inspectcheck’s exclusive Explanation of Conditions™, clearly and properly provide your client with additional detailed information and proper direction. Of course you can easily add your own text anywhere on the report.


·        Missed areas

Maybe one of the biggest reasons home inspectors are sued. What happens if you miss an area? That’s an easy answer –  You Are Liable…PERIOD!

      The inspectcheck difference

    It is almost impossible to miss any areas. How? We have 3 safeguards in place:   

                  1.  A Checkmark at the top of the section indicates that all areas have been completed

 2.  The report cannot be finalized until all areas have been completed

 3.  Descending numbers in all sections & sub-sections indicate items left to inspect


·        Expectations and limits of a visual home inspection

Having a “bullet proof” contract is not enough. Your client should understand the visual home inspection process for every item and area inspected.

      The inspectcheck difference

Every section heading and all item sub-headings inform the client of the limits of a    visual home inspection. Clear descriptions put the home inspection process in perspective for the client. Your client will understand the inspection procedure and report.

·        Pictures

You should be able to easily insert pictures in your report. Even better, the pictures should be properly labeled.

      The inspectcheck difference

Just press the “Camera Icon” on any condition. Select your picture, and inspectcheck automatically labels and inserts the photo in the proper section. Easily circle, place arrows or add text with our simple editing tool.


·        Reference and follow up information for your client

Your client just received a huge amount of information during the home inspection. It is vital that they have follow up tools for detailed reference. We don’t want them to receive misleading information from someone that will confuse them. You want the inspection and information contained in the report to be put in perspective.

       The inspectcheck difference

                   Your client will have a great deal of follow up information after the inspection;

-         The “Client Link” at will provide them with self-help videos, a home maintenance guide, and the clients priorities worksheet.

-         All finalized reports will have an “Introduction to a Home Inspection” page in the beginning of the report. This document will put a visual home inspection in perspective, clearly outline the visual limits of a home inspection, and explain to the client how to read and fully understand the home inspection report.


There will be NO confusion or misinterpretation when using our system


Ease of use   in about the same amount of time it takes to complete a checklist report your client will have a detailed narrative report.


· works on ALL computers and tablets, including; IPAD, Android, and Windows. No separate “Apps” to download. Start the report on your PC, take your IPAD into the field, and complete it with your Android device. It will interface seamlessly between devices.


·        You do not need an internet connection to complete reports.


Selecting a reporting system should be an easy equation:


Ease of Use   +   Protects Your Client and You   = / Peace of Mind


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