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 It's really all about our Clients.....


As a Real Estate professional, you know the importance of competency, integrity and honesty. TurnKey home inspectors also understand the importance of these qualities. Your clients are important to you, and you want the best for them. I know this because of your accomplishments in the real estate community. At TurnKey and inspectcheck our clients are the only priority. That is why we use the most comprehensive home reporting system available. 


There are many home inspection reports, however none compare to the TurnKey Reporting System. Our system has been used on thousands of properties since 1999. As you may unfortunately be aware; a vague confusing home inspection report could raise havoc with a Real Estate transaction.


Consider This...........


 At TurnKey, it is more than a home inspection, it is a learning process for our clients, with targeted follow up


We feel that the home buying process should be a positive one.


All successful businesses will agree, that satisfied clients are the best source of referrals


Home inspectors who utilize the TurnKey Home Inspection System and inspectcheck are genuinely looking out for their clients best interest just like you!


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